An interactive cat tumbler toy with multifunctional functions. Keep the cat's body and mind active while playing. Your furry friend will learn how to throw balls to make snacks fall. Appropriate size and volume, you can put snacks and food. Easy to operate, just open the lid, put the food in it, tighten and lock it.

  • [Multi-play] In the game, eat while eating. The unique feeding function allows the cat to nudge snacks, which will encourage the cat to continue chasing so that the cat can exercise and stay healthy, and reduce boredom and health through healthy games and exercises. The destructive behavior arouses the cat's interest and appetite.
  • [Adjustable food distribution] Unlike other cat toys on the market, our cat slow feed ball can adjust the size of the two food distribution holes as needed to control the pet's eating speed.
  • [Highly interactive] Two balls rotate around the track and field funny cat stick, attracting cats to scratch and play. The tumbler's structural design can rotate 360 ​​degrees on the ground without consuming batteries. The interesting foraging toy allows the puppy to see, smell, hear it and find snacks next to the toy for IQ training. Pets play and interact with them when they are busy or not at home.
  • [Safe and durable] Pet snack dispensing toys are made of high-quality ABS plastic, environmentally friendly and easy to clean; the transparent PC material in the middle allows cats to see the snacks inside and is easily attracted, which can provide our pets with safety, stability, and durability Food container.

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