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Strong yet soft: Made of flexible non-toxic rubber, the basket spout is extremely strong, durable, and soft to the touch, and can be widened or narrowed if necessary.

Secure, Adjustable Fit - The adjustable nylon neck strap allows you to quickly adjust the fit size for your dog.

Breathable Hollow Design - Your dog can drink, and even be fed through the muzzle due to the wide holes in the basket muzzle. This design allows maximum ventilation to prevent your dog from overheating and makes it possible for you to feed treats.

Soft and comfortable: The rubber basket design provides protection around the mouth, does not disturb the dog's mouth, and damages the skin.

Please measure your pet's size before adding to cart
Size Snout Length Snout Circumference Head Circumference
cm inch cm inch cm inch
XS 5 1.97 18-23 7.0-9.0 33-45 12.9-17.7
S 6.5 2.56 23-27 9.0-10.6 42-55 16.5-21.6
M 7.5 2.95 27-31 10.6-12.2 45-58 17.7-22.8
L 8.5 3.35 31-35 12.2-13.7 51-63 20.0-24.8
XL 9.5 3.74 35-40 13.7-15.7 55-75 21.6-29.5

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